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Tomaso - Business Plans

Tomaso is a business consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes develop successful business plans. We offer a wide range of business planning services, including:

  • Business plan writing: We help you write a comprehensive and well-organized business plan that will help you secure funding and grow your business. We work with you to understand your business, your target market, your competitive landscape, and your financial projections. We then use this information to create a plan that is both realistic and achievable.
  • Business plan review: We review your business plan to ensure it is accurate, comprehensive, and persuasive.
  • Business plan coaching: We work with you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to write a successful business plan. We will provide you with guidance and support throughout the process, and we will help you to identify and overcome any challenges you may face.

FLOW - 4 Steps

Step 1: Writing a professional business plan focused on feasibility analysis and presentation to investors

First, we will do everything we can to understand and get to know your idea in depth. We will do this by understanding what you have in hand up to the moment you came to us.

As part of the plan, the following sections will be included: executive summary, vision and background, problem, solution, customers, competitors, users, target market, competitors, competitive advantage, survey preparation, personas, KPIs, sources, and quotes.

Step 2: Business branding and identification

As part of our desire for your project to succeed, we will select English and Hebrew fonts for you that will be used by the business for years to come, as well as the selection of the right colors and the definition of a marketing language.

In addition to all the above, we will also prepare a professional logo for you at no additional cost, and we will also build a presentation for investors at the highest level!

Step 3: Meetings and updates

The process takes around 120 days and can reach up to over 300 days, so we need to stay in close contact, hold meetings once every two weeks in order to synchronize the progress from our side as well as from your side.

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